Smooth (Matte) Blackout Backpack
A smooth texture you’re gonna love! Our Backpacks are uniquely designed to be the perfect get-up-and-go bag. Perfectly Balanced For Him or For Her.

Smooth (Matte) Blackout Backpack

Lining Color
    •  Quality Faux Leather/Vinyl Black (Smooth Texture -no grain)
    • Convenient and versatile.
    • *Our exclusive design allows you to keep the arm cords balanced & even
    • *Detachable Arm Cords (To customize your look)
    •  Detachable handcrafted leather handle
    •  Nice large size. approx. H 16"x W14.5"
    •  Fully lined Black Canvas
    • Easy to wipe clean
    •  Travels well to the office, the gym or on your next vacation.