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*Always Balance Drawstring Bags - Patent Pending Application on file at USPO

This bag is so yummy I had to call it 'Ono (Hawaiian for Delicious). Trends come and go but this Fh2bags Original Design is timeless.

‘Ono Handcrafted Backpack

  • Change things up with this trendy Fashion  Backpack. The unique shape and original design is a great alternative for all your everyday necessities.

    Bag Approximate Size - L 14" x W14"

    Vegan Leather Bag
    *Two Leather Outside Closures

    Two Brass Snap Inside Closures
    Fully Lined

    Zippered Inside Pocket
    Zippered 7" Outside Pocket

    Handcrafted Swivel Hook Detachable handle
    Faux Leather Straps
    Zipper/ Stitching Available in 6 colors
    Black, Gray, Lt. Blue, Red, Orange, Pink


    *Full Vegan leather option is available, Please request in the Custom portion