Fh2 Flex

Mask don't have to be boring. Have a little fun with our Flex Mask!

Fh2 Flex

$17.99 Regular Price
$15.99Sale Price
    • Outter Shell- *Flexi PVC Mesh
    • Lining - 100% Cotton
    • 2 sizes - Regular, Large
    • Fun Fashion Mask. For indoor or during cooler outdoor temperatures
    • 2 styles -Adjustable earl loops or drawstring cord(with cord lock)
    • Hand wash cold/Towel off excess water/Air dry
    • Do not machine wash and dry. Do not iron or bleach.

    *Not Recommended In Warm/Summer Weather(Temperature)! *Does not have filter pocket

  • FH2 Mask makes a difference!

    Wearing a mask makes a difference for you, your family and your community. Buying an FH2 Mask helps us pay it forward, by making mask for donations. We are stronger together.

    Why should I wear a face mask?

    The CDC has recommended that everyone wear face-covering in public settings, like pharmacies or grocery stores, to avoid unwittingly spreading the virus asymptomatically (talking, coughing, sneezing & laughing ).

     FH2 Face Mask Filter Pocket

    *Our masks in no way are medical-grade masks but do provide a washable alternative for everyday use. For added protection, there are openings on either side of the lining which creates an inside pocket to place a filter material of your choice, from a medical-grade filter, paper towel, or even a coffee filter.  

    How to wear a our drawstring face mask

    Our face protection mask should cover over your nose and mouth and should be adjusted to fit snug using the adjustable straps.

    The drawstring cord mask are great for everyone. Quick & simple, putting on your mask is as easy as 1,2,3 ( and taking off like 3,2,1 )

    • Pull/open cord widely, make sure cord lock is at very end of cord
    • Put mask against the face,
    • Pull cord lock to tighten the drawstring so top and bottom is comfortably adjusted on your face.

    * For sanitary and health reasons, unfortunately, we are unable to accept exchanges or returns.

    Please allow 3-5 business days for processing before shipping. Most mask ship within 3 days.