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Payment options?

We take cash, cheque and debit. We offer direct billing with certain insurance companies, inquire within. We are not an OHIP clinic.

Do you take WSIB claims?

No, we do not. We will do our best to refer you, based on your needs.

Do you take Motor vehicle accident Injuries?

Yes we do. Please bring the details of: 1. your car insurance, 2. your claim and policy number, 3. the date of your accident, 4. your adjusters name, phone and fax number. 5. and details of any additional health insurance coverage.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

Physiotherapy is a primary health care provider and we do not need a physican’s referral, however in some cases your insurance company may require a doctor’s referral. Best to review your policy or call your insurance company in advance to find out.

I received a doctor’s referral for another physiotherapy clinic can I still come to Beaverton Physiotherapy?

Yes, you can. You have the right to choose any physiotherapy clinic of your liking. You are in charge of your own health.

Will I have to pay for my first appointment up front?

Yes, you will most likely have to pay up front for the first appointment and be reimbursed by your insurance company and then we can direct bill moving forward. It depends on your insurance company and benefit plan, inquire within.